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Sindh with its 42.4 million population stands second largest and with an area of 140914 Sq.Km stands third largest province of Pakistan. In the census 1998 with 2.8% per annum Growth Rate 30.4 million population of Sindh was reported. The portion of Pakistan’s Population in Sindh during 1951 was 18% which increased to 23% in 1998 and it is also increasing continuously due to migration from other parts of the country and abroad. Density per Sq.Km in 1951 was 43, which has also been increased to 216 per Sq.Km in 1998. The population growth rate in the urban areas is also proportionately very high as compared to other areas of the country, as a result the rural and urban population increased from 40:60 to 52:48 in 2010.


Population Welfare Department Sindh 


Pakistan is one of the pioneers in this region in the family planning program which was started in mid of 20th century. Other countries from the region followed suit and adopted Pakistan’s Population Welfare Program in their respective countries and achieved tremendous success. 

In 1960 the Government of Pakistan started the National Family Planning Program (NFPP) was run by Ministry of Health up till 1965, afterwards separate semi autonomous body with the name of “Pakistan Family Planning Board” (East Pakistan and West Pakistan) was formed under the Ministry of Health which run it till early 80s. In 1983 Population Welfare activities were transferred to Provinces and they established independent Population Welfare Departments. 

In 2010 after 18th Constitutional Amendment, Ministry of Population Welfare has been devolved and its functions transferred to the provinces. Consequent upon devolution, provinces have taken over all the assets and liabilities of the devolved subjects.


Achieving Population Stabilization through balancing Population Growth and resources Available there by is ensuring a better quality of life.


Dream of a Pakistan, of an Asia, of a World, Where every pregnancy is planned and every child conceived in nurtured, loved, educated, and supported.

Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto, (ICPD-1994)


The Five-Year Population Welfare Program Sindh is an integral part of National Population Welfare Program, which aims to take the family planning services at doorsteps of the people, and to ensure quality of services with the right of choice for small family norm and to achieve population stabilization.

The demographic objectives of the National Population Welfare Program in the Five Year Plan Period (2010-15) are: -


  • To increase CPR from 31.5% (2009-10) to 37.5% in 2014-15.

  • To reduce the CBR from 28 per thousand population in 2009-10 to 26.10 in 2014-15.

  • To reduce the Population Growth Rate from 2.05 % in 2009-10 to 1.92% in 2014-15.

  • To ensure universal access to safe family planning methods by 2020.

  • To increase Population coverage from 23% (2009-10) to 35% 2010-15.

The Population Welfare Program will not only contribute in improvement of socio economic development of the country but also to improve the health objective for reduction in maternal and infant mortality rates through birth spacing & RH services which are the important components of Millennium development goals.

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