Family Welfare Centres (FWCs) in the province. FWCs are the pillars of Population Welfare Programme. It constitutes the most extensive institutional network in the country to promote and deliver family planning services in the urban and rural areas. FWC operates in a rented building or in a PPSO building or in any BHUS, RHCs where two separate rooms are available. It serves as a static facility to about 7,000 people, whereas operating through its satellite clinics and outreach facilities it covers a population of around 12 thousand.  The scope of work of FWC includes provision of family planning and maternal and child health (MCH) services and treatment of minor ailments.  In light of ICPD, the scope of the FWC has been expanded to include several elements of Reproductive Health, like safe motherhood, infant health care, management of RTIs/STIs, HIV & AIDS.

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