Sindh at a Glance

Sindh with its 47.9 million population stands second largest and with an area of 140914 Sq.Km stands third largest province of Pakistan. Sindh is the most urbanized and industrialized province of Pakistan. The population of Sindh increase 2.41% annually since.....detail     

Sindh Demographics & Family Planning Indicators

Key Indicators: 2017-18
  • Total Population:47.89 millions
  • Growth Rate: 2.41%
  • Total CPR:30.9%TFR: 3.6  Per woman
  • Unmet need: 17.7%

Source: Census 2017 & PDHS  2017-18



Achieving Population Stabilization through balancing Population Growth and resources Available there by is ensuring a better quality of life.


Dream of a Pakistan, of an Asia, of a World, Where every pregnancy is planned and every child conceived in nurtured, loved, educated, and supported.

Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto, (ICPD-1994)


Population Welfare Department Sindh is one of the important forces for socio economic development of the Sindh province and the country at large. To achieve FP 2030 targets, the following performance targets have been set in Sindh.
1. Increases contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) from 31% (PDHS 2017-18) to 47% by 2025 and 57% by 2030.
2. Decrease Total Fertility Rate (TFR) from 3.6 (PDHS 2017-18) to 2.8 by 2025 and 2.3 by 2030.
3. Reduce Population growth rate 2.41 (PDHS 2017-18) to 1.4 by 2025 and 1.3 by 2030.
4. Contraceptive commodity security upto 100% for public sector outlets.
5. Achieve Universal access to safe and quality Reproductive Health and family planning services.

The Population Welfare Program will not only contribute in improvement of socio economic development of the country but also to improve the health objective for reduction in maternal and infant mortality rates through birth spacing & RH services which are the important components of Millennium development goals.

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