Vasectomy provides permanent contraception for men who decide that they do not want any more children. It is safe, simple and quick surgical procedure. It can be done in a clinic with proper infection prevention procedures. It does not affect sexual ability.



  • Very effective;
  • Permanent;
  • Nothing to remember except to use condoms or another effective method for  the first 20 ejaculations or the first 3 months, whichever comes first;
  • Does not affect a man¡¯s ability to have sex; and
  • No supplies to get, and no repeated clinic visits required.



  • Common minor short term complications of pregnancy;
  • Requires minor surgery by specially trained service provider;
  • Not effective immediately. The first 20 ejaculations after vasectomy may contain sperms. The couple must use another contraceptive method for the first 20 ejaculations or the first 3 months after surgery ? whichever comes first;
  • Reversal surgery is difficult, expensive and not available in most areas of the world; and
  • No protection against STDs.



  • Appropriate for couples certain they want no more children; and
  • Age or health problems of wife? might cause high-risk pregnancy.



  • Local skin or scrotal infection;
  • Genital infection;
  • Large varicocele;
  • Inguinal Hernia;
  • Filariasis; and
  • Previous scrotal surgery


 Sides effects & management

Sides effects


Wound Infection

Confirm presence of infection or abscess


Determine presence of infection or abscess


Check for possible problem like infection, hematoma

Excessive Swelling

Check for possible problem (infection, hematoma)

Pain at the incision site

Check for infection, granuloma or epididmitis


Where to get services

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