As per SINDH GOVERNMENT RULES OF BUSINESS 1986 at serial no 28, following are the functions of Department

  1. Any activity of the Population Welfare Programme that the Provincial or Federal Government may specify.
  2. Coordination of Population Welfare Programme with other Nation building departments at district and local levels.
  3. Family Welfare Service, clinical and non-clinical contraception through Family Welfare Centers and the Reproductive Health Services Establishments particularly for rural areas.
  4. Implementation of publicity and communication strategy.
  5. Population Welfare motivational services and establishment of contact with the clients at all levels.
  6. Promotion of community involvement and active participation in Population Welfare Programme.
  7. Supply of contraceptive and medicines to the clients through the network of community distribution points, and other agencies involved in the program.
  8. Setting up Advisory Management Committees at Family Welfare Centre level and population Welfare Councils at District and Provincial levels.
  9. Policy, formulations planning and mainstreaming of population factors in development process.
  10. Forecasting, acquiring and storing contraceptives dispatching supplies of contraceptives to stakeholders.
  11. Training in the field of population in Pakistan and abroad.
  12. Technical coordination and the formulation of policy governing the manufacture, use and quality control of contraceptive material in Pakistan under the Program.
  13. Research in different aspects of the program such as clinical social, communicational and demography.
  14. Establishment of public and private sector partnership in the field of family planning and reproductive health.
  15. Establishment of social marketing of contraceptives and infrastructure intuitions including coordination with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Resident Medical Practitioners (RMPs), Hakim and Homeopathic.
  16. Service matters except those entrusted to the Services, General Administration and Coordination Department.