Prime Minister of Pakistan while addressing on the eve of world Population Day on 11th July, 2008 has renamed Male Mobilizers as Social Mobilizer (Male).

Like many developing countries, Pakistani society is male-dominated where men are the main decision makers, while women, especially in rural areas, are dependent on the decisions of male partners in all matters including family size and adoption of family planning. There is need to enlighten males towards responsible parenthood and family health. This can be addressed by enhancing their understanding and concern for mother and child health care. This provides context and relevance to the need for family planning. Keeping this proposal in view, a cadre of Male Village Based Workers was introduced for deployment at Union Council during the 9th Five Year Plan. This intervention retained and reinforced to cover all Union Councils, and during the 10th Plan period the cadre was re-named as Male Mobilizer. Two Social Mobilizer (Male/Female) at each Family Welfare Center level will be recruited. The selection criteria during the 11th Plan Period (2010-15) will be as under:


  • Local resident of the Union Council.
  • Age between 25-40 years with area specific relaxation after approval of the respective Secretary.
  • Matric/ religious education equivalent to Matric i.e. Darja Sanwiah Aamah or others. 
  • Married, with 3 or less than 3 children with area specific relaxation after approval of the respective Secretary.
  • Willing to install a signboard with logo of the programme and name of the department outside his residence in order to facilitate visibility, identification and contact by the programme officials and community.
  • Willing to undertake training at places identified by the DPWO.
  • Willing to hold group meetings at identified contact points.


The Male Mobilizer Cadre contributes in achieving the following objectives:-

  • Increase the male acceptance of family planning and use of male contraceptive methods.
  • Support social change and promote small family norm in the target Population.
  • Help men to understand their family roles and responsibilities.
  • Advocate gender for equity and equality of women & girl children.
  • Strengthen the family as the social unit of society through the promotion of responsible fatherhood.