HOW TO USE · You or your partner should put the condom on the penis as soon as the penis is erect. · Place the unrolled condom on the tip of the penis; then rill the condom all the way to the base of the penis. Compress the tip of the condom when putting it on so that it is not filled with air. The tip must be empty to receive semen, otherwise the condom may burst; · After ejaculation, the man should pull his penis out of the vagina before completely losing his erection; Hold the rim of the condom to the base of the penis so it will not slip off. · Take off the condom without spilling semen on the vaginal opening; and · Throw the used condom away in a pit latrine, bury it or put in a packet and throw in a dustbin.


Condoms are appropriate for the following:

· Couples who need a method immediately;
· Couples who have a partner with more than one sexual partner;
· Women / Men at risk for STDs; and
· Couples who have intercourse infrequently.

Condoms prevent sperm for gaining access to female reproductive tract and microorganisms from passing from one part to another.




Condoms have the following benefits:-

· No method related health risks;
· Only method proved to prevent STDs including HIV/ AIDS, and also pregnancy when used correctly with every act of sexual intercourse.
· Effective immediately;
· no medical supervision required;
· Inexpensive;
· Available outside the health care system;
· Public examination not required prior to use;
· May prolong erection and time to ejaculation;


· Must take time to put condom on erect penis before sex. May decrease sensation.
· May cause itching for a few people allergic to latex rubber.


· Condom is available in all program and non program outlets.
· The condom is also available in all medical stores.